Death Is Our Freedom

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Call my name.i can't tell it.i remember what i knew making me wandering.i know afraid.my soul is sorrowing.i want to live.was'nt reason to live.this feeling is killing my soul.your love's like so far.i just want them to know that i gave my all.sleeped away.i'm still trying to figure out for you that i was wrong.i feel like i've been this place before.i'm so scary to be alone again.they make me sorry since better i'm dead.my hope in on fire.my dreams are in the see.i'm try not to give      up.but i'm still in the darkness.theres no return.my heart is frozen and lose my mind.so far away  from new end where i'm going.and try hard to find out who i am.Q

سه شنبه 14 اسفند 1397 10:23 ب.ظ |- VICTOR DEATHHEAVEN -| نظرات()

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